Video Interviewing Is A Standard Process At AMBC

October 6, 2020 admin 1022 No Comments

Video Interviewing Is A Standard Process At AMBC

During this time of crisis, virtual interview processes not only help the people technically but also facilitates them with more flexibility without commuting. 

Our process eliminates the doubt or fear of making a hiring decision based on a paper resume alone. The video interview process allows for most authentic selection – three top reasons why?

  • Allows each candidate an honest opportunity to best represent themselves
  • Eliminates bias by providing same questions to all candidates
  • Allows insights about potential hire’s effort in the job seeking process
  • Allows insights on personality, behavior and personality fit

67% are starting to manage the remote work with a virtual onboarding program. ‘Recorded digital interviews’ on the other hand, share their screening information directly with the client, allowing for more precise feedback.

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