Make Your Social Media Accounts More Secure

How to make your social media accounts more secure

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People around the world are getting addicted to social media. Hackers target social media accounts to collect sensitive information such as Login Credentials, Personal Images etc. More than 6,00,000 Facebook accounts were compromised in recent times.

Below are few tips to secure your social media account

1. Password Manager

KeePass is a software for storing the user credentials in an encrypted form and single master password can be set up for accessing the file. It offers portability by importing the encrypted file to cloud-services like drop-box etc.,

2. Two-Step Verification

Social media sites can be secured by enabling two-step verification feature. It forms an additional layer of defence against password attack. Two-Step verification helps in lowering the number of cases of identity theft on the internet, as well as phishing via email.

3. Install Antivirus Software

Install antivirus software to protect the system and update both the operating system and Anti-virus software whenever available. Conduct full scan regularly. Do not install unwanted extensions to the browser.

4. Implement Strong-Password

Strong password should be at least of eight characters in length, combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals and Symbols – Example: Password@123. These types of strong password cannot be cracked easily.

5. Login Alerts

Set up the Login Alert via mail, SMS for all authorize and unauthorize account login. Nowadays, most of the social media account block suspicious login attempts and the conformation email would be sent to the registered email-id.

In recent times, more than 100 million emails and passwords have been attacked which are posted online. Secure your social media accounts to continue enjoying your online experience.

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