Social Engineering (or) Anti-Phishing is a psychological method to manipulate people to perform certain actions that lead to the loss of confidential data of the user. A few examples of Social Engineering are opening malicious links, downloading attachments and more.

AMBC Anti-Phishing as a service is consulted and managed by IT Security Experts with prominent enforcement strategies. IT Service features,

  • 24/7 pro-active monitoring with hosted email security
  • Domain registration monitoring
  • Header & forensics analysis
  • Premium detection capability

AMBC IT Security Service offers a comprehensive end to end solution to mitigate and quarantine phishing incidents quickly.


Planning & Scoping

Establish the project objectives, to scope the number of domains & sub-domains to be monitored for phishing, pharming, malware, and incident response


A test phishing attack on the domain email address is conducted with a look-alike domain is conducted companywide. Strong monitor of the domain is aligned.


With the result of the phishing campaign, the incident response is monitored. A details report of the users with Email address who fall victim is created


The detailed report on the employee who need IT security awareness is drafted. AMBC will provide a periodical report of the Phishing Attacks

Risk Awareness Program

An awareness subjected to the phishing attack will be sent to the victims along with the training material and respective reports

Track and measure success

A continuous measure on the user response against the phishing attack will be tracked and monitored

Repeat Phishing Cycle

Phishing Attack is repeated on a periodical timeline with various method to train and educate the users

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